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8,5 Million Euros To Be Transferred to Antakya, Batman, Sivas and Van through the ABIGEMs


The “Enlargement of the European-Turkish Business Centres (ABIGEM) Network Sivas, Antakya, Batman Project” Advisory Meeting was held at TOBB premises, in Ankara. ​

TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu stated at the opening of the meeting that the ABIGEM Project is the most successful business centre development project financed by the EU and that the Chambers are expected to do their utmost in the support of the project.

Hisarcıklıoğlu stated that “The ABIGEMs need to be well introduced to their host cities. They will be the key to export, to growth for the SMEs. Our SMEs are not accustomed to having consultancy services, this will be overcomed with the help of ABIGEMs.”
Hisarcıklıoğlu gave examples of success stories created with the help of already established ABIGEMs.

TOBB Board of Directors, Vice President Halim Mete

TOBB Vice President Halim Mete has underlined the fact that the ABIGEMs are essential for SMEs in having access to consultancy services.

Central Finance and Contract Units (CFCU) President Muhsin Altun

CFCU President Altun has stated that lessons need to be taken from the 15 ABIGEMs have that already been established. The ABIGEMs that are expected to become joint stock companies at the end of the project, in three years, will benefit from the windows projects that will be created with the funds provided by the EU and national contribution, according to the needs of the region.

Ministry of Industry and Trade Deputy Secretary Niyazi İlter

Ministry of Industry and Trade Deputy Secretary Niyazi İlter indicated that the Ministry is currently working on how to increasing regional competitiveness in the coming period. İlter stated that “We need projects. I believe that TOBB members will generate numerous projects in the near future. ABIGEMs can also be used as tools for Project generation. CFCU will hand over its responsibilities regarding regional competitiveness project implementations to our Ministry at the end of the year.”