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Corum ABiGEM

Expansion of European Union Business Centre was established by EU Commission, TOBB and Chamber of Commerce and Industries. There are 15 EU Business Centres in the Turkey and, the aim of the centres is to provide a wide range of business development services to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to help them to improve their competitiveness, create employment opportunities, and increase their contribution to the local and national economy.

Çorum ABİGEM is one of the 15 business centres that was launched November 14th 2008 with the contribution of Çorum Chambers of Commerce and Trade. Our shareholders are consisting of leading institutions and associations in the region such as;

• Türkiye Odalar ve Borsalar Birliği

• Çorum Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası

• Alaca Ticaret Borsası

• Alaca Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası

• Amasya Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası

• Çorum Muhasebeciler ve Mali Müşavirler Odası

• Çorum Organize Sanayi Bölge Müdürlüğü

• Çorum Sanayicileri ve İşadamları Derneği

• Çorum Ticaret Borsası

• Kastamonu Ticaret Borsası

• Merzifon Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası

• Samsun Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası

• Suluova Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası

• Sungurlu Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası

• Tosya Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası   


Vision of Çorum ABİGEM is to enhance competitiveness of SME’s in the field of international quality standards by adding value to product, service and projects of our target group in our region and all of Turkey

The mission of the Çorum ABİGEM is to encourage sustainability of entrepreneurship, to increase profit by productivity, to contribute process of institutional development, to support works of innovation and R&D, to build up clustering and internationalisations by delivering consultancy and training services.

Çorum ABİGEM will provide comprehensive business improvement services to SMEs within in the region such as;

• Business Development

• Internationalisation

• Trainings

• Special projects (EU, Development Agency, Rural Development, KOSGEB and R&D Projects)