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The ABIGEM 3 project, “Expansion of the European Turkish Business Centre (BC) Network to Sivas, Hatay, Batman and Van” has a budget of 8.5 million Euros, co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey under the leadership of the TOBB. Following the launch in 2011, four business support centres were established in these provinces, hosted by the respective Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Since SMEs are deemed to be the driving force of the world’s economy, Van ABIGEM’s team of expert consultants will provide a wide-ranging portfolio of training and consultancy services to SMEs, entrepreneurs and start-up enterprises (SMEs/Es/SUs) in order to build their capacity and improve their competitiveness on a national and international platform.

Van ABIGEM forms part of the TOBB nation-wide network of business centres that provides up-to-date information and business support services to SMEs/Es/SUs on subjects such as business planning, developing manufacturing processes, promoting international trade, conformity with the New Turkish Code for Commerce, in order to stimulate growth and reduce regional economic disparities.


Our goal is to ensure that it becomes commonplace for SMEs/Es/SUs throughout the region to engage Van ABIGEM in providing training and consultancy services to help grow their businesses. In doing so, the ABIGEM will identify and address the barriers that are preventing enterprises from successfully trading in domestic and/or international markets.

Van ABIGEM’s consultancy services include, but are not limited to:
•    Business development; drafting a business plan.
•    Strategic planning and management.
•    Accounting and financial management.
•    Support services and training for new entrepreneurs.
•    Accessing project resources and finance.
•    Sales and marketing.
•    Human resources management.
•    Innovation.
•    Productivity and quality management.
•    Customer relations management.