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Usak is one of the districts in which first industrial enterprises were founded. The determinant role was acted by the sector of weaving carpets and rugs in establishing manufacturing industry in UŞAK. The first sugar factory of Turkey was opened in Usak. Usak, pioneer city in industrialization rush of Turkey during the initial years of new Republic, has continued to do this task by time. The main manufacture sectors are textile, leather, tile and food. At the moment, % 60 of leather for garment, % 91 of bandage, % 90 of plush blanket, % 65 woolen yarn and % 20 of tile manufacture are made in USAK to overall Turkey

Abigem Usak’s aim is to help Usak’s SMEs to improve their competitiveness and capacity by providing local and international experts and its staff who have local industrial knowledge. Experienced and well educated ABIGEM USAK Team would deliver consultancy, training courses – in house/open-, and internationalization services to SMEs