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Trabzon ABİGEM

Trabzon European Turkish Business Centre has started to carry out its activities with the vision of becoming the number-one contact point of the SMES in the region from which they can receive all their business development services they need within the global economy and competition. To this end, ABIGEM Trabzon has aimed at creating a synergy with its specialized and experienced personnel by working in cooperation with its international network of business development centers and SME support organizations. ABIGEM Trabzon will support SMEs whilst they become a success story by improving their competitiveness through the strategic projects to be developed in order to make concrete contributions to the region and the services of business development, quality documentation, finance, marketing, export, project management, training and entrepreneurship. SMEs in the region will have the opportunity to reach not only to professional team of Trabzon ABIGEM but also to the network of national and international consultants that are all experts in their fields.


The vision of Trabzon ABIGEM is to become the number-one contact point of the SMEs in the region that they can have access to the services of local and international business development in the most comprehensive way. So as to fulfill this objective, it will cooperate with international business development centers, national as well as international SME support organizations and try to create a synergy.


The mission of Trabzon ABIGEM is to make important contributions to SMEs and the whole region in order to improve their financial capacity and help them become success stories through the innovative, exciting and effective programmes to be developed with an entrepreneurial, dynamic and innovative understanding.