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Doğu Marmara

Doğu Marmara ABIGEM

The European Business Centre of East Marmara, (ABİGEM) A.Ş., serves Small and Medium Size Enterprises by assisting them construct better managerial and technical infrastructure. The Center, being the goal aware, has been established in 2002 and is able to offer prompt and effective solutions to business problems within its specialized service lines. The intention is to improve the performance of SMEs in Turkey, in particular to enhance their competitiveness and international networking activities, through the creation of three successful Business Centres, which provide high-quality information, advice and consulting in their respective regions.

The ownership structure of East Marmara ABİGEM includes regional and national influential business players as Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, Sakarya Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Düzce Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Yalova Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Bolu Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Gebze Organized Industrial Zone Technopark.

The Centre has responsibility for defined areas of consultancy expertise, and developing services to SMEs utilizing international and local experts. The services are comprised of training, counselling, and consulting. East Marmara ABİGEM’s objective is to bring in new approaches to the business life in Marmara region by extending “Organizational ReStructuring”, “The Centre of Excellence in Training”, “ABİGEM Technopark”, “ and “International Business Development” service packages.

Our Vision
To develop, SME focused;
- Pacing
- Guiding (in business activities across borders)
- Leveraging (efficiency to ultimate level)
projects for sectoral, regional and individual businesses in order to provide and ensure the progress of national industry and international trade.  

Our Mission
Our Mission is to strenghten the infrastructure of the SMEs through;
-    Info Relay,
-    Training & Consultancy Services,
-    Innovative Projects,
in order to catch up with the EU and global standards, moreover, contribute to the generation of national, regional and sectoral  business development policies.

Our Institutional Objectives
-    To be one of the contact points of International Business Support Organisations,
-    To be a centre of projects which bring about change on regional and national basis,
-    To continuously update the projects creating additional value for the public,
-    To keep the service range up-to-date by determining the changing requirements of the SMEs,
-    To initiate wide-spread projects in cooperation with domestic institutions,
-    To be the project contractor of the institutions and organisations promoting the regional and sectoral development.