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In our country where almost %99 of ındustrial firms have an SME’s qualifications, ABİGEMs have undertaken a different mission and so far they have continued their activities successfullydifferent from other EU countries. ABİGEMs successes have not been overlooked by Eskişehir Chamber of Industry and Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce that have been observing ABİGEMs since the first day. After purposeful studies, Eskişehir ABİGEM has begun to serve in August 2009.

In order to economic development, as Eskişehir ABİGEM for SMEs in our region to use their all potential
We support them to increase their international competitivines via all necessary management consulting services, information support, training services. Besides all of these, we are contributing to strengthen manufacturinhg and service sectors and to develop employment opportunities. We aim at supporting efforts of generalizing entrepreneurship in our region.

Eskişehir ABİGEM’s Vision
Becoming the first contact point in the region for SMEs to reach full range of  regional and international business development supports.

Eskişehir ABİGEM’s Mission
Increasing SMEs’ competitiveness level with the help of providing support about consultancy, training and informatics services.