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Erzurum ABIGEM aims at supporting the regional economic development by delivering professional consultancy and training services that will help SMEs to improve their potential and improve competitiveness.

Erzurum ABIGEM has a big expert pool to reach these goals; full time experts , local and international experts for specific fields.

Erzurum ABIGEM deliver consultancy and training services on these issues;

•    Business Development
•    Marketing Management
•    Export Development
•    Finance Management
•    Human Resources Management
•    Entrepreneurship

 Erzurum ABIGEM provides companies the tools, inspiration, and   skills to realize long-term business health and wealth.
Erzurum ABIGEM is mainly oriented to support SMEs but it acts and offers its services to all companies and organizations independently of their legal structure, sector and size.  

Through a balance of trainings, hands on application, and consultancy Erzurum ABIGEM delivers a powerful, practical, focused approach that when added business owners personnel drive and creativity, will produce an immediate return on investment. Erzurum ABIGEM is the local contact point with highly qualified leaders and experts provides a platform for continual business growth.
Erzurum ABIGEM will help business Companies and organizations to map out business plans, how and where obtain funds, to respond to the problems as well as opportunities in a flexible way, to know inside and outside customers well, and to commit success in the very challenging and competitive business  world.
ABIGEM Erzurum is committed in getting self economical sustainability through selling its services in a professional way.
ABIGEM Erzurum applies a clear and well defined management policy (tools and methods) to achieve the goals established by its decisional board.